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  "The Canterbury Tea"
Only $9.99
The Canterbury Hotel downtown Indianapolis has an entire line of signature teas.
  Biltmore Chil'd Tea Set
Only $62.00

  The Canterbury Strawberry Chocolate Mint
Only $12.99
another Canterbury Tea!
  The Happy Box! contains 10 BrainBrew (TM) Samples in handmade box
Only $24.99
relieve your anxiety! drink our BrainBrew!
  Papaw's Arthritis BrainBrew(TM)
Only $9.99

  TeaPots n Treasures Gift of Music Volume 1
Only $14.99

  Tea For Coffee Lovers Sampler
Only $14.99

  College Kids Gift Package
Only $75.00

  Joint 'n' DeTox BrainBrew(TM)
Only $9.99

  Amazing Grace
Only $12.99

  Ornery Orange Gummi Bears Herbal
Only $12.99



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317.500.1079/ Will have a booth at IFBF Women's Retreat March 13/14 at Burge Terrace Church ALL invited Great Inspirational Speakers

Downtown Tea Shoppe is closed.

11500 East Washington Street | Indianapolis, IN 46229

RIGHT NOW...if you want a sample of Jane's Mocha Coconut or Caramel Mocha Cream (I just blended)send me an email and I
will send you one!! or PM me on f/ or page "TeaPots n Treasures"

317.500.1079/ 317.777.0200

{Monday - Saturday} 11 am - 6 pm

Saturday Feb 28 3:30 next FREE tea Education Class in our shoppe

AND March 7| Sat, 3:30 pm

call or text for free reservations/FREE parking (we have our own lot!)

I am caught up on the Canterbury Teas! If you ordered and have not received..please send me an email:

My blessing to you is a very abundant and joyful 2015!
I am very thankful for all my customers/friends that continue to drink my teas even after 12 years!! Thank you so much!!

Needing additional hours to come & visit? Just call us! We
live close and are happy to open!!

Tea Tasting can be arranged for small groups
(free of charge!) in our event room.

Reservations Required, and it's

Join us on FACEBOOK!
and our Group Page

Follow me on Twitter!!

Have you ever tasted a "Really Fresh"Gummi Bear... Soft, chewy, YUMMY?

We've created:

Ornery Orange Gummi Bear Tea {Herbal}

Raspberry Gummi Bear Tea

Gummi Blue Raspberry Black

Green Vanilla with 12 flavours
Gummi Bear Tea. ..8 more!!

Just blended: Sara Jo's Red Hazelnut, Caramel Mocha Cream, Beth Ann's Black Currant BrainBrew™,Randee's BrainBrew™,Sassafras BrainBrew™, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Anna's Apricot Chai

BRAND NEW TEA:White Tea with White (local) Chocolate n Blueberries

  • Canterbury Christmas (almost gone...hurry)

  • "A Man's Tea" base with respiratory ingredients

    a new chaga mushroom tea...Chaga BrainBrew™

  • Donna's Arthritis Black Tea (Good for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Parvo B 19 too)

  • Red Headache Tea (herbal)

  • (Black) Headache Tea

  • Sarsparilla BrainBrew™ - Relieve your anxiety ...
    drink BrainBrew™

  • Call to place an order to ship...find out the newest teas on the
    floor! for questions about tea or new tea inquiries. or
    317-777-0200 (you can text us or send pics to this number)

    Hours? open @ 10 a.m. Monday -> Saturday. open til 6 p. m. We were on
    Fox 59 Dec. 1 Sunday morn is the url(if it does not click,copy and
    Newest brides blog, and we were featured the link:

    We can do it!!!!!

    Signature Blends for your company/ shoppe/ bridal shower/ health
    food store/ we use all real pesticides!! and our retail
    customers benefit from this because these custom blended teas are available
    online and/or in our shoppe with our label or with your info on our label :)
    {Win Win Advertising}

    TeaPots n Treasures
    11500 East Washington Street 317.500.1079 or 317.777.0200

    closed Wed Feb 18 Come visit Thursday instead!

    I am NOT out of The Canterbury Tea. And here are the ones I just blended: Dark Chocolate Truffle (local chocolate YUM),Strawberry Christmas (herbal),Christmas BrainBrew, Victoria's Apricot Earl Grey, Zoe's Victorian Earl Grey, Leah's Lyrical Blueberry, White Tea n blueberries n White chocolate & black, When You Feel Ichy, Earl Grey BrainBrew, Anna's Apricot Chai, Christmas Sugar Plum (herbal), Kold Krusher and Flu Buster. Extending the in-shoppe sale to my on-line 5 teas and get the 6th free, or buy 10 and get the 11th and 12th free.Put your free teas in the comment section. call me at 317.500.1079 or 317.777.0200 or or Tea makes a great anytime gift!
    Thank you! Blessing you as always, ~Donna

    you can now join my group TeaPots n Treasures on FaceBook
    then you can have the first scoop on what's happening!
    new teas...special shipments....when you can come to help pack..
    also just new...our FaceBook Page...

    Here it is! my debut with TeaTips:BrewBasics
    we have 5 videos you can view now.
    please subscribe to the ones that will be following!
    give me stars and write a nice comment!
    search "teapots n treasures" or teapots4u if above link does not work
    or go to my links page in the left column and it is the first link

    Yerba Mate TeaTips -

    Mate Gourd cups - see Shirlee for a few seconds- demo -

    Chai Tips -

    Naturally De-Caf your tea !

    AND if you missed me on Fox 59 here is the link:

    We have new items coming in every day !

    Don't forget that tea makes a great gift. It's personal, and gourmet, and special cuz you can't get it anywhere else (sorta...except for my clients such as The Canterbury, The Columbia Club...London,England...), and my tea is YUMMY! You can put together a very nice basket in the shoppe for about $50. $100 is a super basket. You pick out the items, and we will make it look pretty. we can deliver within a reasonable distance (much better if YOU hand deliver with love!)

    We have about 960 + tea if you haven't stopped in to see us for a while, you will be surprised!

    We now carry Gift Certificates ($50 & $100 & $150) under Tea & Tea Accessories Page
    also available at our retail location. Can be used online or in shoppe. Great personal gift!
    Tea Education Classes (and in-shoppe on this page) are listed under Tea Tasting

    Have you joined our facebook group yet?


        Description Price
    1.   Cozy Red Cinnamon Chocolate
    Item No. CozyRedCC
    All prices in US Dollars

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    Testimonies for BrainBrew Tea At TeaPots n Treasures
    Testimonies for BrainBrew Tea at TeaPots n Treasures
    We have a variety of items from around the world that include:

  • English Brown Betty, English Fine Bone China, Novelty, Fiesta Ware, Russian,Ukrainian,white porcelain Canadian w/infuser (ceramic),clear,Czech,Polish,figural,Debbie Mum,Italian,tetsubin,cast iron,
    We also offer wonderful collectible used 'finds' such as: Hull, Hall, McCoy, Saddler, Lefton,Westmoreland,Ohio Art,Jewel Tea,Fiesta Ware,Limoges, Daulton, Derby,Lustreware,laquerware,Susie Cooper and items we find around the world and in Indiana/Ohio.An extensive line of yummy gourmet loose teas blended by Donna are now available on this website and in our Indianapolis shoppe.
    Unusual new items such as Asian vintage sets,Terra Cotta Chinese teapots, or tea bag holders (new and vintage) or hand made tea cozies -and whatever item delights us, we will pass on to you for your enjoyment.Please feel free to request anything you might be looking for!
    Be sure and sign up for our

    for updates and specials and bits of information about tea pot collecting, tea tastings, tea education classes

    Tea Education 101 Classes

    Tea Education 101 Classes
    FREE @ 11500 East Washington Street

  • Saturday Feb 28 @ 3:30 pm

    call 317.500.1079 for reservations
    sample lots of teas, learn about steeping,water temps, etc

    IFBF Ladies Conference March 13,14 at Burge Terrace Baptist Church
    Heather Hills Baptist Church May 2, 2015 Mother/Daughter Tea $10/all invited


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