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  Biltmore Chil'd Tea Set
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  Canterbury Zoobilation
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  Amazing Grace
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  Ornery Orange Gummi Bears Herbal
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  Tea For Coffee Lovers Sampler
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  College Kids Gift Package
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  Joint 'n' DeTox BrainBrew(TM)
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  Papaw's Arthritis BrainBrew(TM)
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Bio of company
Established 2002 by first becoming a collector of specific teapots, we determined to learn more about vintage, and new collectible teapots! This journey has become an adventure! We are located in Indianapolis Indiana, USA. We bring to this site collections of new and old teapots from everywhere, and will ship everywhere. lots of items we have in our retail location are not on this website, so if you want something special (decorated sugar cubes? white tea? lavender tea,a special chai made up,chintz tea for one?)call me or email me....we probably have it.This adventure has led us to "accidentally" become known for our teas!
Of course, we know nothing happens "by accident". We are blessed with much favour!Our most popular tea is our Canterbury Tea (for over 10 years!!), made as a signature tea for The Canterbury Hotel downtown Indianapolis.The second most popular is Komodo Dragon Tea. I create signature teas for many businesses and ship my tea everywhere!Our ingredients are all real. and NO chemical anything is added.I now have (2016) 900+ different blends! I am amazed!I hope you stop in and sample them, we have tea made every day. and if you cannot stop, please feel free to request a sample, I would be happy to send it!
Our newsletter is available to anyone who would like to be on our e-list. We include new information we learn about specific teapots or makers and specials we may have from time to time.(sorry I don't send out too often, too busy...)
We hope you enjoy our site and come again and again.
Donna & Shirlee Yarema

P.S. We would love it if you would bookmark us as a Favorite!
Thanks for visiting!


We Won the Small Biz MakeOver!!! 3-3-10

Here is an article that was written about us when the Battista's put these "art posters" on the side of my business:
Politics, passion & property
by Paul F. P. Pogue Dec 15, 2004

Politics, passion & property
and the reason we moved to our Saint Clair location.

Keating Contest
Ritchie interviewed an antique shop owner whose specialty is a large inventory of teapots

This gal won first place and prize money of $2,750 --"I also lucked out that the owner was happy to talk to me and her experiences were interesting," she said.

and here is her prize winning article:

Struggle for success no cup of tea for owner

In the shops: funky, unusual, beautiful, visual

Jan 2007 Read this article too!
TeaPot Shop a Treasure to Truly Savour

My friend Ted owns this Up Downtown paper and put me on the front page!

Indianapolis Woman May 2007 article by Patti Denton

Indianapolis Monthly July 2007

Patti Denton Show Jan. 2008

Up Downtown Feature March 2008
3 of my kids- veronica,shirlee,brian-all have teas named after them!

Seeking Investors

Great TeaRooms- even though we are NOT
a tea room- we are listed. we do have sample cuppas every day and cookies of course. we are definitely a destination! and my plan for the future is to have an informal tea cafe....
Great Tearooms of America

317-687-8768 text us! 317-777-0200 TeaPots n Treasures (TM) or 317.500.1079 American, Russian, English, Made in Japan, Chinese & other Teapots & Tea Accessories & Yummy Gourmet Hand Blended/Packed Loose Tea for your purchase /enjoyment. Teapots 4 U . Indianapolis, INDIANA USA (c)copyright 2003-2021 inquire or 317-687-8768

"Therefore,whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do,do all to the glory of God."
1 Corinthians 10:31